Technology Risk


Technology Risk

Digital is everywhere. It has changed how we live, how we interact and how we access the essential services we cannot live without. Securing Digital is one of the most important agenda item for CEOs but more often than not, security is an after thought.

NINTH EAST Technology Risk’s approach is to address security right at the outset, as the foundation of any decision made whether it’s a transformation, innovation or migration program. Our team of seasoned Technology Risk professionals have significant industry experience providing assessment, advisory, reactive, preventative and proactive security focused services to enable current vulnerabilities and gaps to be eliminated and as importantly, creating the security roadmap which will solve future threat. 

Our Technology Risk practice provides advisory, consulting and services across the following topics:

  • SecDevOps
  • Secure Intelligent Process Automation
  • Cyber Consulting and Response Centre (CCRC)
  • Data Protection Strategy
  • Change Management

Change Management

The technology landscape has changed significantly in the last 3 years with many organisations having to react and adapt to socio and macroeconomics conditions. Change Management Consulting has now become one of the most important function as organisations navigate through the tricky phases of change both from a people perspective but also functional.


Security Posture Offerings

Proactive Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Threat Advisory

Preventative Services

  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Testing

Reactive Services

  • Cyber Incident Advisory and Response
  • Security Staff Augmentation
Thought Leadership
2023 Cybersecurity Trends

Our Senior Partner and Principals are regular speakers and attendees to several conferences, Meet Ups, Events in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US. Please contact us below for a schedule of upcoming events.

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