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Our Modus Operandi

NINTH EAST was established by the amalgamation of several independent entities each operating in a specific technology pillar resulting in a new brand providing leading services and advisory under the following pillars:

We believe that being able to offer those practices under the one brand provides our customers with fully fledged, consistent and scalable services offerings while maintaining focus on the intricacies that come with each practice.

Our story and journey doesn’t stop here! 

We are in the process of onboarding additional practices which will further enable us to deliver on our promise of becoming a one stop shop for all of your technology services needs. More info to be shared as we onboard those new practices.

How we can assist

Each practice is structured to provide multi disciplined pillars of services to meet your requirements based on the stage and specific needs of your project or implementation.

Consulting & Advisory

Provide Consulting and Advisory services tailoring and driving the Digitisation agenda delivering Value Engineering, Operating Model design, Best Practices Advisory and Governance Guidance.

Technology Services

Offer Development Capacity, Technical Architecture Design and Review, Project Management, Implementation Services, Managed Services, Migration Assistance, Product Enablement Trainings amongst many others.

Customer Success

Customer Success Program’s goal is to bring together all the elements crucial to our customers’ success, in order to ensure they are realising the ROI of their projects.


Continuous support, technical guidance and hands-on support under reactive, preventative and proactive modes. Our support teams are geographically diverse and built to ensure availability 365 days a year, 24/7.

Our Expertise

We are Technology Risk Consultants

  • Business and Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Program and Delivery Management

Let’s discuss about how we can make the incredible happen together