Our Story

About Us

We’re reimagining what an accessible, automated and secure digital world should be!

Transformations, Cybersecurity, Automation

To be the catalyst for a reimagined digital world, where accessibility, automation and security are seamlessly woven together, empowering everyone to participate with confidence.

Through user-centered design, continuously developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies that break down barriers and enhance online security for all and a commitment to ethical practices, we foster a digital landscape where no one is left behind.

We do so by partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals to accelerate the progress towards more accessible and secure digital services.


Our Guiding Principles

People First: The Engine of Innovation

We believe our greatest asset is our team. We cultivate a work environment built on mutual respect, trust, and empowerment. We invest in the well-being, professional development, and work-life balance of our team, recognising that their success is directly tied to the success of our clients.

Unveiling Value: Where Accessibility Meets Individuality

We understand that value is a personal experience. Everyone has unique needs, goals, and preferences when it comes to technology. Our solutions prioritise flexibility and customisation. We create tools and platforms that can adapt to individual contexts, with meaningful value in their digital journey.

Make the World a Better Place: Guiding our Impact

We believe technology has the power to transform lives and improve the world. We are committed to using our expertise and resources to make a positive impact. Supporting initiatives that bridge the digital divide and empower communities is of utmost importance to us, it’s more than a job, it’s a vocation!

Our Journey So Far

2000 - 2008
COMCEPT Digital Solutions
COMCEPT Digital Solutions established in East 9th Street, NYC to provide infrastructure architecture, virtualisation and cloud-based infrastructure and platform services
2008 - 2012
COMCEPT Digital Solutions becomes COMCEPT Group and adds Cybersecurity and Software Development in our portfolio of services.
2012 - 2017
ALTOSIFY Interactive
ALTOSIFY Interactive brand is born further extending our offerings to include Consulting and Advisory Services.
Interactive Society
Interactive Society focusing on promoting security consulting right at the outset. Our Cyber Global Response practice takes shape with engagements in Singapore and Hong Kong.
2022 -
Our current stage of our journey. An Amalgamation of our key focus service areas from the last 20 years+ into a single brand. Our new brand is a play on the location of COMCEPT Digital Solutions in East 9th Street, NYC
Extensive and proven experience

Why Choose Us?

Our team of principal consultants together with our network of partners have extensive and proven experience in areas of technology risk consulting around Digital and Business Transformations, Cyber Security, Program and Service Delivery Management as well as Change Management.

We have dedicated teams supporting different countries catering for the specific needs of each markets while ensuring complete segregation of activities.